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Orange County’s media hub for creative design & content marketing since 2007. We deliver hi- end professional media, as well as, branded digital marketing strategies.  To some, the digital marketplace can be very confusing and overwhelming. We do our best to make it look easy. Making it easier for clients. Our #1 goal- providing our expertise and resources to empower client success.

How does Content Marketing help business grow?

Seal Media was established to help small business and organizations succeed by focusing on solutions. Delivering a goal-oriented marketing approach to align with brand identity. We then optimize. For example, build a strategy that is on-brand and speaks to a targeted audience. Your audience is out there. We will help nurture and grow that relationship.

Digital marketing is not just about creating a good website or a lot of IG followers. Think of it as a network. Linking social media accounts to a website, linking Google My Business, and so on. By doing this, you build links to all accounts associated with the business, thereby generating site traffic, calls and sales.

There are many strategies behind digital marketing and must be savvy to stay ahead. Each of our strategies are tailored to maximize client’s ROI, focused on real-time progression and moving that needle.

Over the years, we would deliver projects to clients but there was not a clear strategy behind it. We went back to drawing board. After that, we realized clients could use help maximizing exposure with the media we create. Whether it was SEO or media creation, we always established clear goals.

We also partnered with reputable digital marketing partners. To get to the moon you need jet fuel. Regular unleaded will not be sufficient. Our expert affiliates are specialized to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. For social media growth or large-scale budget paid media ad campaigns by Adalane Media Group, our focus is enhanced performance metrics.

You are only as good as your network.

Specialists in Media, Video & Content Creation

Content is King

We have expert teams of content creators with the #1 goal in mind- to make to easier for businesses to deliver creative content- and consistently. We want to take out the the heavy lifting so we can focus on results. Not only is the quality of your content important but consistently delivering the content is also paramount.

We tailor each brand strategy to every situation. If your organization looks to establish leaders in their industry or looking to increase sales, the right strategy can be laid out for you. Set the clients up for the win and everyone wins.

In addition, we provide all phases of video production– Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production. Providing digital content creation in film, documentary, online & commercial and print mediums. Consequently, our services include script writing, concept design, project development & management to post-production. We then, use our content to help clients get the most out their media. As a result, we establish brand identity and utilize today’s digital marketing platforms to thrive.  

Our clients are treated like partners, focused on their evolution. This type of relationship helps to create the very best results.  To do this, we always establish goals and milestones first and foremost. We want to understand the client’s struggles and simplify their media needs. Are you frustrated with lack of content creation and consistency? Do you need more engagement with your posts? More site traffic?

In short, our agency tailors a custom strategy focused on goals established. We want to earn your business and build trust by delivering results.  You are in good hands.  Since 2007, Seal Media has been specializing in telling stories with image and sound, to engage, resonate and grow.

Seal Media offers ways to engage with an audience and professionally present your content with Google My Business, SEO, Social Media and Paid Ad Campaigns. Offering services for commercials, documentaries, online company branding videos, capturing a testimonial for a product you are releasing, or have a message you want an audience to resonate with; We not only deliver stories, we deliver solutions to your media needs.


My experience with Seal Media has all been positive. Creative, timely, and easy to work with Anderson makes getting things done a pleasure. We have been working with Seal Media for the last several years and have been very satisfied.

Kevin Silva | Filmmaker

Anderson is a great director/producer and creative mind. He has done multiple videos and photo shoots for me. I always appreciate his vision and calm sense he carries with him on every project we’ve done. He’s easy to get a hold of. He listens to your input and concerns. He can do it all too. I utilized multiple camera angles, microphones, and drones in my videos. I highly recommend him for any of media projects.

Wyatt, WRT Tennis

Anderson you are fantastic to work with – so easy and patient. I love your professionalism and the care that goes into each and every shot. Your willingness to have all of us giving you input and your determined resolve to get it right are truly appreciated.

Joni, LightStim

Anderson you are fantastic to work with – so east and patient. I love your professionalism and the care that goes into each and every shot. Your willingness to have all of us giving you input and your determined resolve to get it right are truly appreciated. – Read more

Eva Williams

Seal Media has done a great job as a production design consultant for 2 of my product brands marketing campaigns (Food & Beverage). Anderson handles all of our Labels, Promo Cards, Web Design and Social Media Management. 

Jack Evans | Wine Maker

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