Do you have the right branding in place to start a video campaign? Is your messaging primed to capture attention and build engagement? These are fundamental questions when starting any creative assets for our clients.

Tools and resources for: Strategy, A/B testing for Ad Campaigns, Funnel/Landing Pages, Website Design, SEO, Social Media Management & more.

Creative Media Creation

Specialists in Branding & Creative Assets

Our clients are treated like partners, focused on their evolution. This type of relationship helps to create the very best results. To do this, we always establish goals and milestones first and foremost. We want to understand the client's struggles and simplify their media needs. Are you frustrated with lack of content creation and consistency? Do you need more engagement with your posts? More site traffic?

In short, Seal Media is an agency that tailors custom branding strategies and uses that messaging in the media content we create. We want to earn your business and build trust by delivering real results. You are in good hands. Since 2007, Seal Media has been specializing in telling stories with image and sound. To engage, resonate and grow.

Media Creation & Strategy

Dedicated production staff with a passion to tell stories.


Develop a brand's messaging, tone of voice (TOV), identity system, logo design, market research & more.

AI & Technology

A.I. Software to optimize video,podcasts, ads for faster Search Engine Opt. (SEO), ranking faster than traditional organic results.

Podcast & Vlog

Creating consistency with your strategy campaign is important to be effective. Podcasts, Vlogs and YouTube channels can important assets to utilize for a strong presence, establishing expertise and energize healthy organic growth.

Photo & Design Services

In-house photography- product, headshot & models, motion FX, typography, animations, logo reveal,

Digital Marketing

Ad campaigns A/B testing, funnels & landing Pages, website design, SEO, social media management, reputation management, SMS/Txt messaging, AI software, etc.

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Content is King

We have a team of experts who work with businesses to create proven content strategies. The quality of your content matters as much as consistently delivering it. We tailor each strategy to meet your needs. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on results and scaling your brand.


Establish your company as experts in the industry. Invite the leading industry expert and rub elbows with the crowd you need to get in front of.


Creating a show that attracts a focused audience requires staying consistent. That's why we made it easy.

Learn about consistently staying ahead of trends, be engaged with your tribe and build your business with podcasts, Vlogs or YouTube channels. Seal Media offers turn-key shows developed and produced out of our UCI studio in Irvine, CA.

Find out why we are Orange County's best creative agency since 2007.

Since 2007, we have be creating, building and growing relationships. Based in Orange County, CA

Great results start with a great team.

You'll feel like you've hit the jackpot when you find out how easy it is to work with us!

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