Making a Bigger Impact with Storytelling

We believe in the power of storytelling to create meaningful connections between brands and their audience. By combining our expertise in production and storytelling, we help brands elevate their message and stand out in a crowded marketplace. We understand that statistics alone can't make a brand memorable, but a powerful story can. Let us help you tell yours.

Helping Businesses & Nonprofits Connect to their Audience Through Storytelling

Tell Stories, Not Statistics

We are storytellers. Our mission is to craft compelling brand narratives and produce captivating video and media content that brings stories to life, ignites emotions and leaves a lasting impression on audiences. We strive to use the power of storytelling to connect brands with their target audience, build trust and loyalty, and drive results.

Choosing a production agency that understands the importance of using stories that resonate with an audience is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. When a brand's message is communicated through a compelling and relatable story, it has the power to engage and connect with the target audience on a deeper emotional level. This emotional connection can ultimately lead to increased brand loyalty, sales, and brand advocacy.

In short, Seal Media is a creative agency that offers content creation packages, podcast production packages and do-it-for you agency packages that focuses on storytelling to connect a brand or nonprofit to their core audience. We want to earn your business and build trust by delivering real results. You are in good hands. Since 2007, Seal Media has been specializing in telling stories with award-winning independent filmmakers at the helm.

Why Choose Us?

This simple answer is that we care and have a passion for what we do. Seal Media is a value based service provider and we always go above and beyond to get the project done right. We don't cut corners and we focus on creating exceptional products by asking the right questions and delivering on time and on-budget.

An agency that goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional products is also essential because it shows their commitment to quality and excellence. They understand that their work is a reflection of both their reputation and the reputation of the brands they work with. Therefore, they take great care to ensure that each project they undertake is executed flawlessly, and the end result exceeds expectations.

Storytelling is our wheelhouse. We do our productions in-house with a dedicated and experience production staff of writers, producer, directors and editors. Seal Media's founder- Anderson Seal is an award-wining independent film producer.

Develop a brand's messaging, tone of voice (TOV), identity system, logo design, market research, paid advertising campaigns & more.

Creating consistency with your content marketing campaign is the most important. But that's hard and you need a dedicated team to make it happen. Enter Seal Media. We offer do-it-for-you podcasts, vlogs and YouTube channels to increase your engagement every month. Now you have the ability to tell your stories, create a strong presence in your industry and establish you as the expert in your field.

Be the Expert

Establish your company as experts in the industry. Invite the leading industry expert and rub elbows with the crowd you need to get in front of.


Creating a show that attracts a focused audience requires staying consistent. That's why we made it easy.

Learn about consistently staying ahead of trends, be engaged with your tribe and build your business with podcasts, Vlogs or YouTube channels. Seal Media offers turn-key shows developed and produced out of our UCI studio in Irvine, CA.

Content is King

Our Process

4 Phases of Media Production

We have a team of experts who work with businesses to create proven content strategies. The quality of your content matters as much as consistently delivering it. We tailor each strategy to meet your needs. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on results and scaling your brand.

What is your story?

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What Our Clients Say

"We're impressed with their flexibility and dedication to getting the message and the end products right."

Project Adult Learning (PAL)

Anderson and his team are AMAZING! They filled our entire event and testimonials and we are sooo happy with the results. Plus - they are just all around awesome humans. Super grateful.

The Prepared Performer

Anderson and his team at Seal Media did an excellent job filming for our studio. At the time, they worked within the framework and challenges of the pandemic and helped us produce a very professional and attractive marketing video that displays who we are as a studio. Anderson is well organized, punctual, reliable, and professional. I highly recommend his studio!

Vero Pilates

Find out why we are Orange County's best creative agency since 2007.

Great results start with a great team.

Since 2007, we have be creating, building, growing relationships and connecting the dots. Based in Orange County, CA