2020 The Year Ahead

2020 The Year Ahead

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What’s new with us

Filmmaking with Heart

The new year is in full bloom and here are some the projects that Seal Media will be taking on this year. It takes a lot of time to get these projects off the ground, some longer than others. But with careful execution, patience and commitment to deliver, every project is a little miracle.

Thank you to all of the friends, colleagues and collaborators over the years. Without your endearing support and appreciation for the arts, projects would not come to life. Without an audience, without the demand there is only dreams that are never lived. For the past 13 years now, since 2007 when I started Seal Media, I had 1 objective- to strive always to make great projects and create with passion. Nothing has changed, except the constant evolution of technology, which is to me, a constant state of learning and updating your knowledge. It never gets old and I’m truly blessed to still be working today, excited for what will come next, and maintain my focus on creating the best of me.

Some projects I would like to share: Short Film: Cuddle Buddies. Currently in post-production.

More Projects on the Horizon

Short Film: Last Night in Venice. Currently in post-productionTo Release: A short doc-style branding video for OC Gateway to Housing

To Release: Promotional for Hair/Beauty Product- Skinny Weft

To Release: Tom Ferry Group & Laurie Eastman Group & Mainstreet Realtors

To Release: Art Storefronts

Promotional Content

Anderson Seal is an award-winning filmmaker, video producer, editor, writer and director. A graduate of Cal State University Long Beach, community advocate, father, husband and entrepreneur.
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