Looking Back on 2020

Looking Back on 2020

Digital- Content Marketing and video production services we delivered over the year.

This year started off with a bang. 

At the start, we were just finishing up a branding video for a local nonprofit in Orange County and new projects on the horizon. Up until 1st Q of 2020, projects and development were on point. 

We delivered the OC Non- Profit project.  It was a comprehensive project, with multiple production days capturing testimonial days editing, re-editing, sound design, voice over and music composition. Most importantly, we are looking create the right message this organization. It’s important to get the message right help bridge the gap so that this organization can lead their message the community. We Champion that spirit.

This year led to a lot of ups and a lot of downs (signs of the times) but looking back I feel that there was more UPS than there were Downs. It’s all a matter of perspective. Obstacles will always arise but it’s how we deal with them that makes all the difference.  If the year ahead looks dark then it probably will turn out that way. But as the as the year straddle the head, we kicked our Spurs and rode into the sunset.

With all the adversity we saw this year, it was our finest hour. Not only did do media grow, we learned what adversity and rising up to the challenge really looked like. I want to personally thank every associate and client we have worked with this past year. We not only delivered some amazing videos, ranked higher SEO, we met some amazing collaborators along the way.

Here’s to 2020. A chapter in our book that may be the hardest year but also the most rewarding.

Below is the list of all our work and clients we have sincere gratitude to have worked with.

Client Collaborations:

OC Gateway to Housing– Media Creation, Docu-Branding for OC nonprofit

Art Storefronts– Media Creation

TV Pilot, produced in Beverly Hills. Working with the great director Gobi Rahimi with Static Films

Short Film: Last Night in Venice (Film Consultant)

Green Globe Plumbing– Media Creation

Yoga for Bones- Editor Consultant

Civilized Cycles– Media Creation

Tom Ferry– Realtor Branding Videos

Hair Boss– Premium Hair Extension Technology

Short Film- Cuddle Buddies (Film Producer / Editor)

Benjies New York Deli– Digital Marketing + Creative Media

Revolution Drums– Media Creation

Feature Film Development- Film Producer A Soldiers Prayer

Anthony Camacho-  New Book Trailer Concept

Cooperative Hair + Cooperative Salon– SEO On-Page Optimization

Scweickert Portraits

Dewing Portraits

ETP Fitness– Media Creation

Anderson Seal is an award-winning filmmaker & business owner since 2007. A graduate of Cal State University Long Beach, community advocate, father, & husband. 

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