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Video Production & Post Production for Media Content Creation

We have amassed a great clientele list. From feature films, school districts, fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. Looking back, it was an honor to work with so many reputable collaborators.

We come from a film industry background.  Seal Media’s production experience started in Hollywood, producing feature films, shorts & documentaries. Consequently, staying ahead of the curve with technology, film/video techniques and best SEO practices for maximum exposure. What really sets us apart is our craft to storytelling.  We always look for the core of the message in the project, drive it home, focusing on resonating audience. 

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Project Development

From script to screen. Having a script is like having a blueprint to build a house. With the right planning, foundation and execution, we can deliver high quality results. Script writing, pre-production to locations, permits, talent, crew and equipment logistics.

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Film/Video Production

With over 15 years experience, we can deliver on time and on budget. Coming from a filmmaking background, we utilize those strategies to tell our stories.


The magic happens in the editing room. Albeit, you need to create high quality material then finish your project with expert sound design, mixing motion graphics, color grade/correction and optimized media export. No matter what format you need, Seal Media always delivers.

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