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Podcast Popularity and the Reasons to Start a Podcast Although the podcasting space is super popular right now, this hasn’t always been the case. Podcasts became a thing in early 2004 when they were available only on iTunes.  They then grew to other podcast hosting platforms and became an attractive way to consume content.  Podcasts
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Mastering the Algorithm: Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Content and Boost Engagement In today’s digital era, social media has become a powerful platform for individuals and businesses alike to connect, share, and engage with their target audience. However, with the ever-evolving algorithms that determine what content users see, it’s crucial to understand how to
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Unlocking the Power of Content Creation: 5 Ways to better utilize your content creation In the vast digital landscape, where attention spans are dwindling and competition is fierce, content creation has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to capture and engage their audience.  Scroll stopping content.   Simply churning out generic content is no longer
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The Importance of Storytelling

As human beings, we are hardwired for storytelling.  We crave stories like we crave food and water. From the time we are young, we are surrounded by stories. Bedtime stories, fairy tales, fables, and legends shape our early experience.  This helps us make sense of the world around us.  As we grow older, the stories
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How to Create a Brand Story

What is a brand story? The Birth of a Storyteller Storytelling has become a huge part of my life.  Graduating Long Beach State’s film department in 2005, I found myself engulfed in books, theater and film throughout my college career.  It was like a tour throughout the history of stories and breaking them down to
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It’s not rocket science, just market research In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of market research to help you make an informed decision when building a brand and delivering the right message to the right audience.  When approaching video and branding projects, the first thing we always ask is who is
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From Play to Pay

From Play to Pay Day: Turning a Hobby into a Career If you enjoy knitting, photography, making art, woodworking, or another creative hobby, it’s not unreasonable to want to turn it into something you can do professionally. Offering up your skills or selling your homemade goods can earn you an income and enhance your quality
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6 Tips to Improve Your Brand Image

A strong brand image allows you to demonstrate authority, tell a story, and make customers want to associate themselves with you. Branding is important for your sales, reputation, and the success of your marketing campaigns, both digital and print. There are several ways you can improve your brand image, whether you run a small business
A Social-Entrepreneur, you said? Widely used in 90’s, today, the term Social-Entrepreneur has taken on a new global outreach, as need to be sustainable and be ecologically conscious becomes more vital. There may be slight variations to the term, such as Ecopreneur, although the focus is always about positive change- socially, environmentally or both. Putting
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Building a Brand Strategy

8 Essential Tips for building a strong brand strategy The Brand.  The brand strategy you adopt needs to be well planned and tested before being formulated and optimized as per your set goals. This may sound overwhelming, but don’t stress! Here is a list of Nine essential tips that you should consider for designing your
Digital- Content Marketing and video production services we delivered over the year.

Looking Back on 2020

This year started off with a bang.  At the start, we were just finishing up a branding video for a local nonprofit in Orange County and new projects on the horizon. Up until 1st Q of 2020, projects and development were on point.  We delivered the OC Non- Profit project.  It was a comprehensive project,
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Copywriting Vs Imagery

What is More Important Copy or The Image? When it comes to high volume engagement with your audience, is copywriting more important or image being used?  When you see an ad or post that grabs you, is it more about the message, the visual imagery, or both? To really generate views and engagement with your
The power of an image, or the power of the copy, or is it both? Digital marketing strategies to consider.

Engage with Content

How to Engage with your Content Content Creation that Works The power of a great message lies in the ability to engage with your audience. The average Facebook user has approximately 338 friends (*). When you engage with your audience, and you find a way to resonate, you will find better results for what you
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Branding vs. Direct Response Marketing

What is Branding Content? There is a big difference between branding content versus direct response marketing campaigns.  Both marketing strategies are very useful for attracting a following and increasing engagement but the messages used are completely different.  When we talk about marketing, we tend to discuss the practice as a whole- “Marketing.” How you structure
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The Magic Hour

Krebs Cycle of Creativity An Exploration of Creativity and Magic There is a great docu-series on Netflix right now called Abstract: The Art of Design. In the 2nd season, ep.2, I ran across this great concept on the areas of Art, Science, Engineering and Design by an American- Israeli MIT design professor, Neri Oxman, explaining
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The Power of a Star

A name talent on a movie marque can greatly influence how big the distribution channel will be. According to this study conducted by Stephen Follows and Bruce Nash, “Consumers respond to branding, feeling safe to try new things when they come under the banner of an already trusted brand.” This was an article written about
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2020 The Year Ahead

What’s new with us Filmmaking with Heart The new year is in full bloom and here are some the projects that Seal Media will be taking on this year. It takes a lot of time to get these projects off the ground, some longer than others. But with careful execution, patience and commitment to deliver,
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An article describing how much billions of dollars looks like using grains of rice.

Billions Illustrated with Rice

There was a viral video that emerged from this TikTok app that has been gaining notoriety. If you do not know what all the TikTok hype is about, simply put, you can view, create and share videos with hit soundtracks. Launched in 2016 by startup ByteDance in China, where it’s known as Douyin and currently
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