Short Film about the life of a professional cuddle therapist by writer/director Jordan Roman. (16min)

Anderson Seal- Co Producer, Film Editing

Summary: Lucy is a thirty-five-year-old divorced single mother who works as a professional cuddlist for a living. She shares joint custody of her hyperactive daughter Marina with her ex-husband James. She often still reminisces about their formerly passionate marriage that dissipated into a nasty divorce. Lucy cuddles with clients for a living who request her services of touch therapy for a variety of reasons including loneliness, trauma or a lack of human connection. Lucy truly desires to help the people she cuddles with, all while trying her best to be the very best mother she can be to Marina, who is her entire world. Cuddle Buddies is a drama about the lack of human touch we are missing in our world and it’s healing abilities, along with an examination of the truly loving bound that a mother shares to her child that is unparalleled by anything else in this world.

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