Media Production

Orange County's Creative Media Hub

Don't just create a video that is a digital version of a brochure, create a story they will never forget.

Telling Stories with Creativity & Passion

Having a strong media production team is key to the success of your marketing, branding and sales endeavors. Not only do you need experience craftsmen on your side, but you also need trustworthy advocates that treat you like partners working on the growth of your business together.

There are companies looking for the next biggest and greatest project and then there's companies who believe in the work they do. Passion drives their motivations. This is type of media production house Seal Media is. We take on the projects we believe in and that generates the best possible outcomes.

Experience You Can Count On

The founder of Seal Media- Anderson Seal, has developed his experience on the set of independent films in Hollywood. A graduate of Long Beach State's Film Program, Mr. Seal has been in the trenches learning every phase of film and media production since 2006. Not only is he an established producer, but he is also a writer and editor.

There is more of storytelling element that goes into each one of our projects. The philosophy is that audiences will resonate more with a great story than giving them facts and figures.

Orange County's Creative Hub for Media

With these skillsets, Seal Media's media production has enormous capabilities for project development, production and post-production. We leverage our production resources and crew with years of experience to bring our clients the very best in media production.

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1. Project Development & Messaging

Do you have the right branding in place to start a video campaign? Is your messaging primed to capture attention and build engagement? These are fundamental questions when starting any creative assets for our clients.

2. Creative Media Production & Resources

Experience plays a huge role in how we approach our projects. We have a team of dedicated professionals that are excited about telling stories. With a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, we can accommodate most budgets and deliver video, media and content that represents your brand.

3. Post- Production

The Post-Production is where we say "the magic happens." By going through all the many takes, the valuable messaging, score, music, sound bites, motion FX and editing assembly, we are able to bring the vision to life.

4. Distribution

Once that final version is complete, now it's time to get it in front of your audience. With so many platforms out there, a strategy is put in place to make sure all the video and media assets are formatted correctly. Where does your audience live and how can we maximize the exposure?

Great results start with a great team.

Every human wants to be seen, heard and understood.