Cycle of Creativity

Krebs Cycle of Creativity

An Exploration of Creativity and Magic

There is a great docu-series on Netflix right now called Abstract: The Art of Design.

In the 2nd season, ep.2, I ran across this great concept on the areas of Art, Science, Engineering and Design by an American- Israeli MIT design professor, Neri Oxman, explaining what happens when these domains intersect; The Magic Hour or Cinderella moment.

Art is for expression, Science represents exploration, Engineering for invention & Design is for communication.

The MIT professor goes on to say that if we were to rotate through the domains clockwise, society- the Artists, Scientists, Engineers and Designers of the world, have the ability to take “one input for a domain and it becomes the output the other.” Science converts info to knowledge, Engineering converts to utility, Design takes on our cultural behaviors and Art portrays our cultural behavior to give our perception of the world.

Krebs Cycle of Creativity, Neri Oxman

When the Magic Happens in Creativity

When Art meets Science, Engineering meets Design; This where the magic happens. As we transfer to one domain to the other, Professor Oxman describes “changes in perception affect the way we capture data.”

What our current perceptions are, what are known facts stated, can have a profound impact on how we see the world when these domains start to collide with one another. Facts become myth, limitations become endless, and life evolves. We as a society evolve.

One last note on Professor Oxman’s quadrant theory. In order for these foundational transformations shifts to occur, ‘You must believe in magic and suspend your disbelief.” To take something from nothing, to question the world around us, construct the unbelievable or communicate with the unknown, well that is magic…isn’t it?




Anderson Seal is an award-winning filmmaker & owner of Seal Media since 2007. A graduate of Cal State University Long Beach, community advocate, father, & husband. 

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